What is the Dark Web? II How to Earn Money From Dark Web II How it is dangerous.

Dark Web
Dark Web

Do you know what the dark world is also called as Dark Web? Where it is found, how can we reach there and earn money from the dark web what should we do for it, how can we be safe from the dark web? I am going to answer all these questions in this article today. So that there is no question in your mind about this black world.

Internet! Which has become a very important part of our life today, as if all of us cannot live without it. In easy language, all of us have become addicted to the Internet. But you will be surprised to hear that the internet is not at all what we see. This is a different world. There is a dark world about which very few people know. And I think it would be better for everyone to know this less.

What is dark web?

Yes, friends, this is the internet on which we keep searching every day. But do you know that whatever we search on it, whatever we see, whatever is shown to us is only 4% part of internet. That means only four percent.

Now you will think that hey! So where is the remaining 96% part? As I said, the Internet is a very big network, and 96% of the world of internet, which we all do not know. So what is it in the 96% part that is not shown to us in the Internet world and which we cannot find easily.

But even if you want to know about the black world of internet and all these things in details, for this you will have to read this article till the last, so that you can understand it easily.

How much internet is divided?

Internet is such a web, such a big magic which all of us cannot imagine, nor can we ever imagine what is inside it and what is happening.

However, this illusion of the Internet is mainly divided into three parts. First is the surface web, then comes the deep web and then the last dark web. So let’s know one by one about these surface, deep and dark web after which you will easily know what is the black world of internet and what happens in it.

1. Surface Web

Before knowing about the dark web, you need to know about the Surface Web and Deep Web, so that you will understand the Dark Web more deeply.

Surface Web comes first in the step of understanding the Internet. It is very easy to understand. Because whatever is shown to us on the Internet, or whatever we see, the entire surface of the web is called.

For example, suppose you searched on a topic on Google and you opened any website to get that information. So whatever you see in that website or whatever you are looking for, it is all called surface web.

Meaning to say in easy language, whatever is in Google search engine or in any search engine, from small file to big website, whatever index is there or we can easily find that thing on Google or any search engine. It is all surface web.

This means that all the websites in the Internet world, whoever owns them, whoever owns them, provides us with online information publicly. We do not need any permission to access it and it is legal, online, we can easily see it from anywhere in the world from any place, from any device, all the data comes in the Surface Web. .

And you will be surprised to know that in the internet world only 4% part means only four percent part surface. The rest which is 96% part is a special part, it is deep web and dark web. We will know what happens next.

2. Deep Web

The next part that comes after Surface Web is deep web. Now, as I told you above, whatever is shown to you in the world of internet, which is indexed is called the surface web. But the opposite of this is deep web.

So here you have to have a specific URL or a specific address to access the deep web. Apart from this, it is also very important to have a login ID or password, only then you can access that file.

No file or any website in the deep web is indexed in any kind of search engine. Meaning you are any search engine whether it is Google or Bing or Yahoo. If you search such a file in them, then you will not find anything there because the file that is there is very sensitive, confident. Therefore, these files are not indexed on Google.

If you are getting confused then we understand this through a simple example. Suppose you have liked a page on Facebook and there is a post on which there are many comments, millions of views, but when we search on Google, we do not see the specific posts or comments. Because all the posts and comments are no index on Google, so that it does not crawl on Google and does not appear on search results.

If you understand from another example, you want to login to an education website and take a course available there. But you can read the information given in the course only if you have access to read it or you have login id and password.

This means that many times in the Internet world it happens that we want to store and store some information, some such files, some sensitive data in the Internet world, but we also want to keep that file That data, which is very important, which is only in the hands of the people when we want to do so.

On the website of education too, if the owner wanted to make the course public, he could show it to the world for free, but he kept it private and we will be able to access it only when he wants. This means that he has kept that information or course hidden and we cannot access it without special permission.

So all such pages in the world which are no-index on the Internet, which we cannot see without special access, it comes in the deep web in a basic way.

3. Earn Money From Dark web 

After all these things, the Internet is a different world, which has become very dangerous and very dangerous. Which is called the dark web or black world of internet.

As you may be looking at the name itself. The dark web is a black web where only illegal illegal works are done and the dark web is a part of the internet which is completely illegal.

To access it, you need a special browser which we call Tor Browser.

Note: But I would like to tell you that what I am telling you here is for educational purposes only. So never try to access the dark web by mistake. It is illegal, very dangerous and once you get caught in it, you cannot get out easily. So read it only as information and do not try to access it.

Now the question arises as to what is the work in the dark web from which it is completely illegal.

Here all the illegal works given below-:

  • Selling drugs or cocaine.
  • Sell ​​or buy all types of weapons online.
  • Or to get someone to kill you or to shoot the shooter.
  • Even whom you want to die, you have to pay according to the way in which you want to die. Such as getting a headshot or torture done, getting poisoned, much more
  • To cut someone’s feet, leg lives, get murdered live. It is called Red Room in the dark web world.
  • Even if you want to hack someone. Whether it is someone’s account or a big bank. Here on the website, you are also guaranteed to complete 100% of the work.

So all the illegal works are done here, illegal works are all within the dark web. And the amount of money that is transacted here is only through bitcoin because if you accidentally put your personal information here or credit, debit card details, then you will not even know when you have become a pauper.

Like I said above, someone has to buy weapons, someone has to sell weapons or someone has to buy or sell cocaine, all these illegal works are all done inside this dark web. Therefore, the more you stay away from it, the better it is for you. And just keep it for information, it will be good for you.

How the Dark Web works?

The dark web works very differently than a common website because for this you need a special browser to access it and earn money from dark web. If you try to open any website on the dark web on the normal browser, then it will never be searched. Why, as I said, you need a private browser to access it.

The Tor browser is used to access websites on the dark web. Basically Tor browser was created for safe browsing so that you can easily hide the IP address of your system. This browser was created for the US Army, which was intended to send privately messages from outside countries hacker.

Its use increased by 100 times in a few years after the 2002 initial release. More mafia, gangsters started using it to sell weapons, drugs and now it has become very difficult to control it, because it is very difficult to track the website here.

All illegal illegal websites on the dark web have a .onion domain code that identifies it. Just like we have .com .net .in Hote, there is a website in the name of .onion.

Tor also has a normal website, but it is mostly filled with motivational things that aim to get people out of this dark world.

But as we said, once you get into it, it is impossible to get out. Because it is the hub of the black world of crime that draws us further and everyone gets caught up in it.

Things to do before accessing Dark Web?

Before accessing this and earn money from dark web, you will have to make some important settings of your mobile phone or computer so that you will be able to do safe browsing on Tor-

  1. To browse on Tor, you will need to use a secured VPN so that you can hide your real location. For this you can use any popular vpn service like Nord VPN, HideMyIp, Strong VPN etc.
  2. If you are using a computer, then go to your antivirus and enable Safe browsing mode. And if you are using mobile then go to Mobile settings or clear the stored cookies through any app and run a VPN app and then use Tor browser.
  3. Download the Tor browser from its official website only, otherwise the chances of getting virus in your system may increase.
  4. If you want to login to any of Tor’s websites then never enter your original information.
  5. If you are using Tor on the computer, then clear the history of all the browsers and then surf in Tor.
  6. The way to install Tor is the same as the way to install every browser, so for this you will not need to do any different thing. You can easily install it by double clicking it.

How to access the Dark Web?

After knowing what is the dark web and how to stay safe from it, we will know about how to access it securely.

Step 1: After downloading Tor from the official website, double-click on its downloaded file and install it.

Step 2: After installing, clear the entire history of Chrome, Firefox or whatever you use before opening the browser. And close all running applications. This is also applicable for mobile users.

Step 3: To browse on Tor, there are search engines like Google which you can use. Such as Torch, DuckDuckGo, Onion Dir etc.

Step 4: While searching, if you find any website called .onion, do not open it accidentally as it is illegal. But still, you can open that kind of website at your risk.

Step 5: You do not need any special permission for searching, you can find whatever you want on it, but I think it would be better not to do it because the virus is too much and it can be harmful for you. is.



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