OZOBOX I India’s First Chemical-Free Air & Water Sanitizer-Purifier.


As the world confronts the coronavirus pandemic, experts say that a key way to minimize the odds of getting sick is by consuming clean water and inhaling the purified air.

So here we are with our best product on the market. Firstly, It not only eliminates the viruses & bacterias, for a healthier and safer home environment but also refreshes the air.

Secondly, Ozobox is the new triple action sanitizer, patented and certified, as a result, it allows you to annihilate viruses, bacteria, allergens, and polluting microorganisms up to 99.98%.

In Conclusion, Ozobox provides a protective shield for you and your family from harmful bacterias & viruses with guaranteed hygeine & safe environment for your home.

What can you do with Ozobox?

  • obtain hyper-zoned water to drink for the well-being of the body
  • sanitize portable water from microorganisms and chlorine
  • produce disinfected water to sanitize fruit and vegetables and for cooking
  • produce disinfected water to medicate wounds, wash the mouth, treat dermatitis, acne, furunculus’s, and psoriasis.
  • treat onychomycosis of hands and feet
  • take ozone bath
  • purify the home air from microorganisms and allergens
  • eleminate the smell of food, mold, smoke, animal and stale air
  • obtain disinfected water to sanitize floors, glass, objects, and washable surfaces
  • sanitize the refrigerator and the shoe rack from microorganisms and odors
  • sanitization of objects, shoes, fabrics, kennels, pet games, etc.
  • sanitize bottles and pacifiers
  • produce ozonated water to treat dog and cat wounds and dermatological disorders
  • produce ozonated water to eliminate smell and improve the shine of the fur of pets
  • sanitize car and vehicle air conditioning system

What Ozobox can do for you?


  • Power supply voltage: 100V – 240V ca
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Max power: 40W
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Dimensions: 330x310x125 mm


  • Ozone + UV + Negative ions


  • Energy efficiency class: A++
  • Energy consumption (kWh / year): 183
  • Climate class: SN-N-t


  • PNC label 9020 123 456
  • Template: ABCD123


  • N. 1 bracket with plugs and screws for wall mounting
  • N. 2 bags for sanitizing objects
  • N. 2 bags for “ozone bath”
  • N. 2 interchangeable porous stones to sanitize water and objects
  • N. 1 adjustable elastic for “ozone bath”
  • N. 1 Instruction manual


  • Resting on a flat wall in stable balance, or fixed to the wall using the support provided.



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