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Moj App
Moj App

Hello friends, all of you wanted an application so that you can earn money easily. So we have brought that solution to you too. We are going to tell you how to earn money from Moj App. Everyone knows that since India has banned all the apps of China.
Since then all of you were thinking that if someone earns money like TikTok, I can earn money too.

India banned it with the same speed and removed it from India. Because Tiktok was such an app to make short videos of the world that people used to earn millions from that app. That too in lakhs.
But after being banned in India, every Indian is in the interest of an Indian app to have an Indian app so that we can also earn money, so now I am going to tell you about that.

How to earn Paise from Moj App.

If you want to earn money, then you have many means to earn money whether we talk about Facebook or even more people from Youtube are earning a lot of money.
But if you want to earn money by making a short video, then Moj App is a great tool for you. If you want to earn money from this, then follow our step given below.

  • To make money from Moj App, your video must have quality.
  • While making a video, you have to pay attention that you do not copy anyone’s videos.
  • Your video must be in good quality (HD). Because the first thing you need to do is to make money. Having Like and Followers on your video is very important.
  • When you have both things, you can promote your video by contacting them on the official email of Moj App to promote your video, but for this, your video quality should be good.
  • When your video will be viewed by Moj App and then the quality of your video will be checked.
  • If your video is good, then you can earn money by promoting your video.



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