MOJ App Par Followers, Likes Aur Views Kaise Badhaye?


Hello friends, you are very welcome and today we are going to tell you what to keep in mind before uploading videos to increase like, followers and views on Moj App and There is also information about many video uploads and there are many things that can be useful for you to become a successful creator.

Your Moj App video is not going viral and you also have the same question that How to Increase Followers on Moj App then read this article till the end because in this post we will give you very good tips to increase followers, like and views on Moj App. There are two ways to work in which you will be able to increase followers, views and the like very easily on your Moj App.

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How to Increase Followers on Moj App?

Whenever you upload a video in Moj App,you have to keep a lot of things in mind, then only the same video will appear in front of audience and if they like it will like it. A signal will be sent to the Moj App that this video has the strength to go viral, according to the Algorithm of Moj App, Moj App will show your video in front of everyone, therefore whatever I will tell below, you have to keep in mind that this App belongs to Sharechat.

  1. After much research, it is known that Moj App is a short video platform, so the more short videos you make on Moj App, the more your video is likely to be viral.
  2. Whenever you upload a video, you must select the cover of your video, because the cover you select will be visible to the people in the Thumbnail of the video, so you should keep the cover of your video so that it looks very rich. So, if people see it, then they can’t be able to live without clicking.
  3. While uploading the video, you should always keep the volume of your video 100% because many people in India have a slightly older phone, so the sound of the video is not heard properly, but if you keep it 100% then, it will also be heard properly and even on earphones.
  4. You should always put a regular video and write in the title of your video so that audience sees the whole video , you can write in the title of your video (Something Special in the end), (Something is there for you in the end). With this, you put the title of your video, by which the viewer will watch your video completely and if he likes the video, then will give you both Like and Follow.
  5. Whenever you upload a new video, you should always use the Hash tags that are running in relation to your video and trending, if any user sees the video with the Hash tag, then it shows your video too.
  6. If any song is viral on the Moj App, then you start making a video on the same song, then your videos will also be viral and if the video remains as such, a lot of likes will also start.
  7. You always keep following big celebrities on the Moj App and when they upload any new video,make a duet with them, which will be your video in the suggestion of their Freinds, and if you have something special in your video, those people will also like and follow you, it is also the easy way to increase Likes , Veiws and Followers.
  8. Whenever you create a new video on the Moj App, then always keep the video according to the location so that the viewer likes it and also follows You.
  9. If you are making your video on the song, then always shake your lips according to the song, which will be more easy for the user to see and if you are making an action video, then you can put very good effects in your video and make your video very good so that the Users can not live without watching the whole and always make one category video, because if you make videos on different categories, then if the user does not like your videos, they will unfollow your Moj App channel.

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1. Tagging

Friends whenever you upload a video on your Moj App Account. you must use Hashtag (#). And you should use those Hashtags. Whose search is more trending. Due to which there are more chances of your video being viral.

If your Moj App Video becomes viral with which your followers, likes and comments will all start growing. And you can become the star of Moj App very soon. If you do not use hashtag, you must adopt this track. and If you are already using Hashtags, you should use hashtags with high traffic.

2. Follow to Follow Back

Friends, this method works 100%. If you follow this method. you can increase your Moj App followers very easily. To increase followers on Moj App, follow other people. If you do this, other people will follow you back.

One thing to note: – that you should follow those people, whose followers are less than 40-50. Because the same people will follow you back. People whose followers are already very much, they will not follow you back. All the Moj App stars are of today’s time must also have adopted this trick.

3. Like and Comment

If you want, you can also adopt this trick. Through this you can also increase the followers of your Moj App. This trick also works 100%. You can go and comment on those Moj App videos whose followers are very little and also, like the comments made on them.

People who have made comments. Those people will definitely come on your video as well. they will also like your video and even will also follow you.

4. Challenge

If you come across such a new trick, you can make videos and challenge other people. So, your chances of getting Moj App Video Viral are 100%. In this way, your video can be viral.

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