How To Use Premium Features In Canva For Free?

Use of Text Effects

You may use text effects this is a very incredible feature of Canva. This will make your graphic so attractive. Text plays a very important role in any graphic. Because people understand your graphic design through your text. These effects will highlight your text as well.

If you are not using this feature then just start doing it.

  • Shadow
  • Lift
  • Hollow
  • Splice
  • Echo
  • Glitch
  • Neon

Canva Styles

We must say this is the only extraordinary feature in Canva. If you want to create different designs with the same text content. Then this feature will do it for you just in one click. It can change your graphic color, text font and even full graphic can be changed.

If you are using Pinterest then this feature is definitely for you. You can create lots for pins by creating just one pin using this feature. So use this feature and enjoy the digital marketing journey.


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