How To Setup A Business Profile On Pinterest

How To Setup A Business Profile On Pinterest
How To Setup A Business Profile On Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an image, infographic, and video-based social media platform. There are tons of audience over there. Most of the audience on Pinterest are females from the United States. People also use Pinterest as a Search Engine. Pinterest is a huge platform for women fashion, food, home appliances, DIY, Gifts, etc. Learn How To Setup A Business Profile On Pinterest.

What is the concept of Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically 📌 a pinboard social media platform. You must have seen the notice pined on the red notice board in your school. Similarly, you have to pin images on your board created on a particular topic. Pinterest Is a marvelous platform to grow your business.

So Guys In This Article We are going to tell you that, how you can promote your business on Pinterest step by step:-

How To Setup A Pinterest Business Account

So, first of all, we are gonna teach you how to set up a business account on Pinterest. Because lots of people do this mistake they don’t include keywords into there profile. But you make sure that don’t make these kinds of mistake. So let’s get started step by step:-

Create a Pinterest Business Account

There are two options to create Pinterest account.

  • Personal Account
  • Business Account

But you have to create a business account to promote your business. Because in the Business account you can see the analytics and in the account personal account you can not see the analytics.

1. Enter your Email Id
2.Create a Strong Password
3.Feed you age & Enter Create Account

Edit Profile

  • Display Name

Enter your Business Name in the [Display Name] Section. TechnooBytes is our brand name use your brand name like this. You can also use keywords into your “Display Name” For Example:-

TechnooBytes:- Digital Marketing And SEO

  • @Username

You can use your brand name as your user name. But it is not necessary you can use something else. But we recommend you to use your own brand name. Make your username short and easy to remember.

  • About Your Profile

This is a very important section of your profile. Here you can add your keyword just like we did. Do you want to know how we did this then have a look we have added Keywords Into our profile description:- Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategies, Grow Your Business Online, Start A Blog.

That’s how you can use into your profile to get better response.

Account Setting

You must do these settings into your Pinterest account. Which we will be telling you. Don’t leave these settings empty because it can spoil your profile impression.

Claim Your Website

You should claim your website because this is important. There are few simple steps

  • Enter your website.
  • Click on the claim button.
  • Copy the given code.
  • Put that code into your head section.
  • Click on verify that’s it.

Claim Other Social Media Platforms

Add your other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube Channel etc.

Finally, Your Profile Is Ready And This will look Like This!

In the next article, we will share how to Create Professional Board relevant to your niche. And how to optimize pins that go viral. So till then keep your business profile ready!


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