How to increase views on Instagram Reels.

Today we will tell you how to increase views on Instagram Reels. After TikTok was banned, Instagram has added a feature knows as Instagram Reels. It allows you to create a short video like you used to create on Tiktok. Like we all know that Instagram has very strict policies. So we will not tell fake methods of increasing views as it can lead to your account suspension and we will also suggest you to not use any fake methods.


We will tell you the right way by which you can increase the views on your Instagram reels. So that you can become famous and you get sponsors for there videos so that you can earn money. Instagram influencers will definitely take advantage of this if you are also capable of making entertaining videos than you should definitely try.

How to increase VIEWS on Instagram Reels Video?

So today we shall be going to tell you some ways that will help you to boost your views on Reels.

Instagram Reels
  • You must create and upload at least 2 to 3 videos every day to get good views, And try to go live on the same day so that your audience can engage with you.
  • Always promote your page to another famous page, which is also called shoutout. You can also divert traffic from those pages to build your audience.
  • You have to follow popular profiles, related to your niche it will make you come in the eyes of people and they will also follow you and your followings will also continue to grow.
  • Use hashtags in your post description so that you will start getting good reach.
  • Also, share your video in the story so that you can reach the content and logo.
  • Comment on Duro’s profile, showing activity so that more people will see your profile.

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