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Friends, all of you will know that Roposo App is such a mobile app that has gained much popularity across the world in a very short time. In India, too many people have become famous on the Roposo App. If you also want to be famous by making videos on Roposo App. But like and Followers are less on your account. So you must read this post till the end.

Friends, in this post, we are going to tell you about 10 best tips to increase followers, like and views on Roposo App app. If you follow these 10 tips, then you can become very famous on Roposo App in a very short time. Apart from this, your likes, followers and views will also increase to a great extent.

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Ways to increase Roposo Followers

Always post original content to get Roposo Followers
Do not upload videos made by any other person on your Roposo App account. Only upload your own created original video. Because if your video comes in the eyes of Roposo App people, then they will never Viral your video and your account will not be able to get many Likes. Because if your videos are viral then only you will get more likes and followers.

Make short length videos on Roposo to get Followers
After much research, it has been known that Roposo App is a short video platform. That is why, the shorter the length of the Roposo App you upload, the more the chance of your video becoming viral.

Select Creative Thumbnail on Roposo to Increase Followers

Whenever you upload a video, then you must select a good cover of your video. Because the cover you choose will be visible to all people in the video’s Thumbnail. That is why you should keep the cover of your video in such a way that it is very attractive to watch and if people see it, then they cannot remain without clicking once.

Use Trending & Viral Hashtags in your videos

Friends, whenever you upload a video on tick talk, then you should use Hash tags related to that video or trending in it. Because when people watch videos of that hashtag using these hashtags, then your video also comes in the automatic watch list. Due to which there is a very high chance of growing like on your video.

Challenge videos

It is often seen that challenge videos on Roposo App also go viral. If you see a challenge on the Roposo App, then you can create a video on it, because most users like the challenge video. In such a situation, if you also upload videos related to it, then your chances of going viral are increased.

Make videos on different topics

Friends, it has been seen that so far all the people in India who have become famous on Roposo App have one thing in common. He was making videos in a different way, so if you want to become famous, you have to make some different videos. Videos have to be made on a topic that has very little competitoin. People with unique content love the logo very much, it will also increase your followers.

Add Popular Music to your Video

If you feel that a song is becoming more viral on the Roposo App, then you must add that trending music to your video and upload that song from its Orignal Source. By doing this, people will like your video more.


Daily upload new videos

You upload videos on Roposo App on a daily basis, which will make Roposo App feel that you are working hard on this platform. By doing this Roposo App will help your videos to go viral. But you should not do that you put 10 videos for 1 day and then do not upload any video for 2-4 days. Because to get good likes and followers on Tiktok you have to make videos continuously. Because your fans too He only wants that he gets to see new videos every day.

Always keep video volume full

While uploading a video, you should always try to keep the volume of your video at 100% because most people in India have phones that are slightly older. Hence, the sound of the video is not heard properly by the viewers But if you keep the volume of the video 100%, then the viewers will be heard properly and will be heard in a good voice even in the expensive phone.

Create Duet Videos

Friends, you must follow those celebrities who have a lot of followers on the Roposo App. As that celebrity puts on a video. If you make a duet on the tick talk with that video, then your video also goes automatic in the suggestions of their followers. So that the chances of increasing the likes and views on your video also increase.


Friends, in this article, I have told you about some important tips to increase likes, followers, and views on Roposo App. Hopefully, your followers will increase after following these tips. If you liked this article of mine then share it with your friends. And if you have any questions related to this article in your mind, then you can ask me in the comment box. I will try my best to help you.

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