How to Become Popular Social Media Influencer In Community?

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How to Become an Instagram influencer or other Social Media Influencer? You want more influence in your field, but you don’t know how and what to do… or You’ve been trying to tell your story to the world, but you don’t even have an audience…

To be a person of influence, you need an audience. Here’s how to get heard in a noisy world.

If becoming a successful influencer was easy, every Tom, Dick, and Harry would do it. And come to think of it: the easier it becomes, the lesser its financial value.

On your journey to becoming a social media influencer, the first lesson you’d have to learn is that it is not easy.

Why Become An Influencer

Being an influencer gives you a say in your field. It helps you bond with others who share your world view and expand your horizons in your niche. Also, you could start your own brand, get cheap or free goods, services and experiences from brands who want you to promote them.

Ultimately, you could make thousands of dollars, depending on your field, reach and number of followers.

How To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer

Choose a media platform that suits you.

The foremost decision you need to make is the platform you want to build your influence on.

There are lots of social media sites out there for Digital Marketing, namely; Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, amongst others. Every social media platform has guidelines and modes of operation. Before using them, ensure you know the do’s and don’ts of the system.

Also, know what works for each system, for instance, Instagrammers love videos and pictures, Facebook works well with good content while Reddit, aka the front page of the Internet, is a weird place for trendy issues.

Understand Your Potential Audience

Like I noted earlier, your audience volume is directly proportional to your level of influence. You can’t compare the influence of an Instagrammer with 1million followers to the one with 100,000 followers. The difference is clear and numbers don’t lie.

Some audiences like well-edited videos while others want down-to-earth content. You have to study how bigger influencers, in the same field, relate with their own audience ’cause most times, your potential audience is also following another influencer. In summary, you can’t influence a set of people you don’t understand.

Publish Your Content with Strategy

The reason people don’t see your content on your timeline is that you don’t strategize before posting.

Figure out the best time to post by studying your audience (no matter how scanty your followers are). Also, study what works for other influencers in your field, for example, the kind of content that gets the most likes, the hashtags used, and type of content (informational, funny or UGC)

Become Instagram Famous


Who doesn’t want to be an Instagram influencer and be famous? Kindly comment in the comment section by a show of emojis.

We live in a digital marketing age, where even the most religious, average and nerdy people want to become social media influencers.

People publish common stuff every day with the hopes of getting famous. And going viral seems to be a divine event or rather, a herculean task.

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