Best Off Page SEO Strategies 2020 (Advance SEO)

Best Off Page SEO Strategies 2020
Best Off Page SEO Strategies

In this article, we will be sharing some important SEO strategies. As we know SEO has been differentiated into two parts. On-page SEO & Off-page SEO. On-page SEO is very important for a website. Similarly, off-page SEO is also important too. In this post we will only talk about the best off Page SEO strategies 2020.

Creating Backlinks is not complete Off-Page SEO. There are lots of things that come into it. This article could be the checklist of your off-page SEO. So, you should definitely implement these things which we will tell you.

What Really Is Off-Page SEO?

Off page is SEO is the activity that you and others do for your website to raise the ranking of a page with search engines. Through many websites with link building and social sharing.

Best Off Page SEO Techniques For Google Ranking

This is gonna be the perfect checklist of your Off-page activity. You cannot rank on google without implementing off-page activities if your keyword is a little competitive.

Share On Social Media

You know what? social media sharing is the direct ranking factor. After producing high-quality content you need to promote your content yourself on social media. And ask your, friends to share your post on their social media profile. This is a very important and must-do process.

Social Media traffic will give you an initial boost to your post for google search ranking. The power of social media is ultimate if you are not doing it. Then just start sharing on social media.

You can use Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest for sharing a piece of your content and provide a link of you post on “Read More” Anchor Text. But always remember one thing don’t just try to share too must on Facebook otherwise they will block your domain name. You can create a Page on Facebook verify your domain and then you can share multiple times.

Pinterest is also a good source of traffic especially for Us traffic. You can drive too much traffic on your website using Pinterest. Because Organic traffic takes time to come up on your website until then you can use social media traffic.

Branding Of Your Website

Branding is also a very important process of SEO. This process starts while purchasing the domain name. You should register a rememberable domain name, it must be easy to pronounce. If your domain is under 10 characters then this is another great thing.

  • Make profiles on the High Authority website with website name & logo.
  • Share your content with Image and use the logo on it
  • Comment on the other blogs relevant to your Niche and show them your existence.
  • Make community and host giveaways.

Best Off Page SEO Strategies Is To Create Backlinks

The backlinks is backbone of Off-page SEO. This is the most important part of SEO. There are different-different ways to create Backlinks. One important thing about backlinks that we will be telling you is if you have created a backlink on a site and if there is some referring traffic to your blog from that website. So, these types of Backlinks work.

Types Of Backlinks

  1. Do Follow Backlinks
  2. No Follow Backlinks

How To Get Backlinks

  • Guest Posting:- Guest posting is the most popular way to get do-follow Backlink. You can approach Blogs with similar to your niche and ask for guest posts. This the best way to get a Backlink. High authority sites charge for guest posting. So start approaching blogs from today.
  • Web 2.0:- web 2.0 is basically free websites like, you can create a free website and get a do-follow backlink. Web 2.0 is like [subdomain:- Wix, WordPress, blogspot]. They have high authority and can provide value to your blog easily.
  • Profile Backlinks:- You can create profile backlinks from high authority sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, & Quora.
  • Directory Submission:- You can submit your link in directory of your niche there are lots of directory submission site some are free and some are paid.
  • Comment Backlinks:- you can create backlinks by commenting on your niche related blogs. Most of the comments backlinks are no-follow.

The ratio of No follow & do-follow backlinks must be 20:80 it looks natural. create 20% no-follow backlinks & 80% do follow backlinks.

Remove Broken Links

Check your older post from time to time and remove broken links. Sometimes we delete outdated content but it might have linked with the other article. When someone clicks on that broken links it shows a 404 error. It is very bad for SEO. So make sure you remove broken links. You can use paid SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Hope you like these “Best Off Page SEO Strategies” let us know please comment below!

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