Best Keyword Research Tips Without Any Paid Tools

Best Keyword Research Tips Without Any Paid Tools

If you have started blogging and suffering from website traffic. Then don’t worry we are here to help you get traffic on your blog. This is a very interesting part of blogging. Without proper Keyword Research, your blog will not drive a decent amount of traffic. In this article, you are going to learn “Best Keyword Research Tips Without Any Paid Tools”

We understand that As a beginner you can not invest in paid SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahref, Buzzsumo, Moz pro. Then what will you do? All you can do is subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media. We will help you out, In this article, we will share our experience in Keyword Research, Even we do not use SEO paid tools to plan a keyword.

Again we suggest you, please read this complete article if you really want to make a future in blogging. Blogging As A Career is not gonna be easy at all. It has become so competitive now. So the right knowledge is very important to run a successful website.

Lets start with basic fundamental of Free Keyword Researching.

What Is Keyword Research In Simple Words?

Before going deep into Keyword Research. First, you should know what is Keyword? In simple words, Keyword is a word or a phrase that your article is based on. Your whole article must point on a specific keyword. let’s see the types of the keyword.

There are two types of Keyword

1. Long Tail Keyword A long-tail keyword is like a phrase contain more than 5 words
2. Short Keyword Short Keyword is like under less than 5 words


  • Long-tail Keyword is a type of meaningful sentence and generally best for new blogs. New blogs can easily rank on these types of keywords “Best Keyword Research Tips Without Any Paid Tools
  • Short keywords are generally difficult to rank for a brand new blog. High authority blogs are already there so do not try to rank for short keyword unless you fail. Short keywords are like “Keyword Research“.

How To Do Keyword Research Without Any Paid Tools?

Keyword Research is not that much difficult. But make sure you follow all steps that we are going to tell you in this article. So, the first important thing. While keyword Researching for a new blog is to pick the long-tail keywords. And know the search volume. For this, you need to use a free tool of Google which is “Google Keyword Planner

How To Do Keyword Research Without Any Paid Tools?

This is Google Keyword Planner Tool. It is completely free of cost. you don’t need to pay even a single penny. This free tool will tell you the correct search volume of keyword. Before targeting a keyword you must know the search volume of Keyword. Because the search volume is super important..

If the search volume is zero then, do not produce content. Unless you end-up getting no traffic on your website. So use this tool and know the search volume.

Observe The Search Engine Result Page

Before targeting any keyword you must observe The Search Engine Result Page. If Google Keyword planner is showing low competition. Then just go for manual testing. Put your keyword in Google and observe the SERP that how much High authority sites Ranking on that specific keyword. Same for another search engine Yahoo, Bing, Yandex.

If the High DA PA website is already ranking there. Then don’t waste your time. Search another keyword for your post. You can also check out the content of top 10 results. That will help you a lot in the ranking, you can produce high-quality content by adding extra information. And just made a more detailed post.

Use Mozbar Chrome Extension

Mozbar will definitely make your research easy it shows the DA, PA & Spam score of your competitor website. It will provide you quality data. You can use them to compete.

Use Additional Keywords

If you can use additional keywords into your post. It will surely increase your post quality plus it will be more informative and search engine friendly. For this, you can use the related search term, form google auto search term.

Use Additional Keywords for keyword research

This how you should put your keyword and just use supportive keywords too. Also, you can use schema markup but as a beginner, We do not recommend you to do this. Use them into your content and get better results.

Google also gives preference to people also ask which is ranking and also containing good information you can use FAQ schema markup into your post. This is very simple on the WordPress Platform. Blogger does not have this feature.

people also ask for keyword research

Google update also prefer to show fresh content to their user, which is very good thing. you can add current year into your post this will increase your ranking. If you ever find out dated content on SERP then you can rank by producing high quality content.


After producing high-quality content you must focus on user-friendliness. Because the biggest factor of SEO is user-friendliness. Keep your font good, manage your site layout. Your theme must be mobile-optimize because mobile searches are much more than desktop.

Do not write boring article, just try to write in a good manner. Most importantly user must be engage into your post.

Happy Blogging!


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